Tricolour Scribbles

29/03/2013 in Garabatos tricolores

Here I go. As with our first post, these words will break the quiescent state of this bizarre section of the blog. Beyond that, they will serve to the purpose of manifesting a nice property of our endeavour. The fact that you are reading this post in English instantiates our collective desire of not limiting ourselves to a particular language, but to use all the expressiveness we are able to gather in each of the languages we know. Sacrificing some cohesion by starting a linguistic orgy might be seen as a crippling decision, might be considered aesthetically undesirable, but the gained richness and the bridging potential of this approach certainly make worth a try.

Even though I have already clearly justified the allegiance of this post to the category meta, it is time to deepen the argument. The aim of this section, tricolour scribbles, is to serve as a wiki-oid support for any post that might have a heavy conceptual and mathematical content. Henceforth, the posts published in this section will be self-contained explanations of abstract concepts to be referenced in any main page post of the blog that requires it. Again, as with the usage of multiple languages, this will be a risky experiment, but I consider that having an independent reference will make the posts lighter and stylistically less constrained.

I hope you enjoy this section as much as I will do writing it.

P.P: The name is a nice reference suggested by Dani Tamarit that can be understood by the ones who know me.

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